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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to the most frequent questions I get asked.

I've downloaded a neon sign and it's lost its animation !!
If you view the neon signs using a paint package such as Paintshop Pro then the sign won't be animated because the package doesn't support animation. The easiest way of viewing them offline is to use your browser. Select "File" then "Open" then "Browse", find the place on your hard disk where you've saved the image to, change the "Files Of Type" to "All Files" and select the image you want to open.

What program do you use for creating the neon signs ??
It's quite a complicated process involving three programs, Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Gif Animator.

Can you tell me how you make them ??
No, if I did that then everybody would be making them and they wouldn't be unique !!

What program do you use for creating your web pages ??
I've tried hundreds, but now I only use WebEdit 2.0 For Windows 95, I don't use any of the features that automatically create pages or insert tags, I just type it all manually, I could just use a word processor I suppose....Web Edit is available from http://www.sandiego.com/webedit/

Can you create a neon sign for me ??
No, not at the moment. Look at it from my point of view, I've only got a limited amount of time, and you want me to make a neon sign that says "Joe Blogg's Home Page" or "PK Engineering Limited". That sign is only of use to a limited amount of people, and in the time it takes to create it I could have created a sign that says "Spice Girls Fan Page" which is useful to thousands of people (and will get my neon sign logo on thousands of pages).

For the above reasons, if I do create custom neon signs I charge money for them, and at the moment I've no facilities to accept credit cards so the answer (for the moment) is no, sorry !!

I've put a link to you on my page, but the button doesn't show up, what am I doing wrong ??
One of two things, either you've not saved the little logo onto your hard disk and uploaded it to your server, or you've saved the little logo under a different name than it says in the code.

How do I download images on my MAC ??
Click on the image you want and HOLD DOWN the mouse button, when the menu appears select "Save Image As" from this menu.


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