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Conditions Of Use

You are free to use any of the neon signs in the neon city on any personal or business page provided that you provide a link back to Neon City on the same page as the images are used on. See the section entitled How To Link for details of how to do this.

ALL the images contained on these pages were created by myself, Graham Coupe. All the images are copyright, they may be used on personal or business pages provided a link back to Neon City is shown on the same page as the images, they MUST NOT be used in any other way without permission.

You're NOT allowed to re-distribute the images, sell any of the neon signs, claim them as your own, include them in a clip art collection, alter them in any way, or use them for any other purpose without permission.

Please note as well that the remaining material shown here may NOT be used without permission. This includes the html code and the neon city logo on the left menu bar. If you want to use any of the code from the pages or the logo on the left menu bar then send e-mail to [email protected]

If you're unsure whether your intended use infringes these guidelines then please seek permission by sending e-mail to [email protected]


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